The services Fast Marine offers are addressed to nautical field: from searching to supplying any spare parts of engines, generators and different pumps, or mooring ropes exclusively made on custom request according to the different "breaking loads".

The idea of applying to a reliable agency for each need means to reduce everyday worries of captains, helping them to overcome bureaucratic difficulties, language troubles and practical inconveniences in the ports all around the world, trying to optimise their precious time.

Fast Marine means Professionality, Efficiency, Solutions!

Agency,Supply,Service,Yachts,Spare,Parts,Fendercovers,Ropes,Viareggio,Reservation SPARE PARTS:
Searching and short time supplying of spare parts for any yacht's equipment .
Some of our dealers:
Idromar, Gianneschi, Mastervolt Italia, IML Motori (Deutz), Alfalaval, Condaria, Castoldi, Palagi S.r.l., Jets Vacuum, Hamman Wasser.
Agency,Supply,Service,Yachts,Spare,Parts,Fendercovers,Ropes,Viareggio,Reservation CHANDLERY :
Supplying of every kind of nautical items: mooring ropes, Polyform fenders and lightened Hypalon, different cleaning products, yacht's instruments, safety equipment, stainless steel accessories, crew uniforms, board iron fittings.
Amongst our main dealers: Armare, Veleria S.Giorgio , Facom , Beta, ABC Utensili , Unitor.
Supplying of different cleaning products distributed around Italy or coming from abroad: Star Brite, Shurold, Spray Nine, 3M, Clin Azur, Draeger Safety, Cosalt, Crew Saver, Airmar, Admiralty Charts and Pilots, Hypalon Fenders..
Agency,Supply,Service,Yachts,Spare,Parts,Fendercovers,Ropes,Viareggio,Reservation LAUNDRY SERVICE :
Fast Marine provides a laundry service, both dry and wash cleaning, as well as a personalized folding and single packaging on request, for board linen and crew uniforms, yacht owners and guests personal clothes.
Agency,Supply,Service,Yachts,Spare,Parts,Fendercovers,Ropes,Viareggio,Reservation HOTEL RESERVATION AND TICKET OFFICE SERVICE:
Fast Marine provides for hotel reservation and booking office service for air and train tickets through specialized travel agencies.
Agency,Supply,Service,Yachts,Spare,Parts,Fendercovers,Ropes,Viareggio,Reservation YACHT PLACE RESERVATION :
Availability to reserve at the main Italian and foreign ports before the arrival date.
Agency,Supply,Service,Yachts,Spare,Parts,Fendercovers,Ropes,Viareggio,Reservation FLOWER ARRANGEMENT:
Preparation, reservation and delivering on board for receptions and events.
Agency,Supply,Service,Yachts,Spare,Parts,Fendercovers,Ropes,Viareggio,Reservation INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AND POST SERVICE :
Air, land and shipping dispatching of various items. Fast Marine also offers a service of correspondence agency for all crewmembers, dealing with the postal receiving and sorting for addressees.
Agency,Supply,Service,Yachts,Spare,Parts,Fendercovers,Ropes,Viareggio,Reservation FENDRESS FENDER COVER :
Made with a high quality material, UV rays and wash machine-resistant, supplied both in double or single layer and in different colours.
Personalized embroideries on request. Custom made for Big Fender, Novurania and other fenders.

Fast Marine s.r.l. Yacht Supply- Via Virgilio 182 - Viareggio (LU) Italia - tel: +39-0584-389508 tel: +39-0584-396172 fax: +39-0584 399562
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